Omemee Roadside Diner- Christmas Greetings from Ann Marie!

Hello Suzanne,
 Your blog spot and memories page has recently been brought to my attention. i havent been able to comment on any of the posts.....
my favorite memories are the people....
especially your father ...
i have every card and gift he ever gave me along with everything everyone ever gave me. every picture i took every memory gained every friendship and new extended family member made in the almost 5 years i was privilaged to be there. the most wonderful group of locals i have ever known, your father(RIP), leroy(RIP), mel, mike ochitwa(RIP), willie and berniece(RIP), the entire O'neil family,the banks family The curtain family, the Caton family, the mcquaid family, the james family, and the mitchel family. don,frank, and jon. Ed, all the lions,perry and monica smith and ryan and beautiful little miss brooklyn, marty and linda fisher, all the local contractors gary nelson trucking, windrem trucking and robert young trucking all my wonderful seasonal friends from the parks jerry and family bill, frank and his family and of course jackie ,amber, and stephen my amazing staff.....all these people and so many more i fell in love with. you all became part of mine and my childrens family.
when i closed the doors for the last time july 28 2013, my heart shattered. i wasnt just being forced to give up my lively hood but i was being forced to give up my family (all of you) as will be 5 months since that day and a day hasn't passed that i don't cry for hours my heart physically aches even as i type these words the tears run down my face.
Every morning while i drive the boy to school and drive by the diner i cry.
I just want to apologize to everyone for the abrupt ending (NOT MY CHOICE) and thank everyone for the most amazing five years myself and children have known. Everyday is an emotional and general struggle but i would do it all again.
the plan was to grow old and watch my kids run the diner one day....but apparently that wasn't in the cards .
Thank you again and please thank everyone you still see that i do not.
God Bless and merry christmas. xo
Ann Marie King

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Roadside Diner,Omemee cooked up delicious meals. By subscribing to the feed below, folks were able to get to get the latest updates from Roadside Diner Facebook page. Since the Facebook page has now been deleted, it just displays an error message, but previously Roadside Diner kept their fans well informed of their daily specials. The following feed allowed friends to get updates from Roadside Diner without having to join Facebook if they wished!

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Roadside Diner Hosts Omemee Pioneer Days Kids Carnival !

Kawartha Charity Riders Presents Kids Carnival July 2nd Roadside Diner!

Come down to the west end of King Street on Saturday, July 2nd from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m. during Omemee Pioneer Days for our Kids Carnival and Flea Market! There will be a dunk tank and prize-every-time games for the kids. Plus wee ones will love the Toddlers Bouncy Castle! Check Out the Vendors too! This great event is all made possible by staff and volunteers from the Kawartha Charity Riders!
Remember to pick up your tickets for June 25th’s Taylor's Shades Of Hope Memorial Ride- Digital Scavenger Hunt

Delicious Roast Beef Dinner Roadside Diner Omemee

Omemee Roadside Diner Presents English Fare

With the Royal wedding nuptials still fresh in everyone’s  mind, what could be more appropriate than a bit of English Fare? Stop into Roadside Diner this evening for:

Melt in Your Mouth Roast Beef Dinner!

Pop in for a Roast Beef Dinner at the Omemee Roadside Diner this evening.

Omemee Roadside Diner


Succulent Roast Beef Dinner fit for the Royal Couple

Roast Beef Dinner Special (may vary from picture above)
Slow Roasted Roast Beef
Potato And Vegetables
(Perhaps Yorkshire Pudding too!)